Monday, 8 April 2013

New Project!!!

Hi Everyone,

I was recently notified that my class will be doing a new Project entitled, "The Scorpion Project". This means that my blog will not feature book reviews on various books for the next couple of months. Instead, I will be doing a series of blog entries about the book titled The house of the Scorpion. The author of this book is Nancy Farmer. These blog entries will include many things such as settings, characterization, theme, etc. My group and I will also be creating a separate blog for the project and I will put the link up as soon as possible. I will also be listing the pages that I am blogging about so if you want to look deeper into the book you can read along with me!

I am really excited about this new focus/challenge. I feel that I haven't done a novel study like this in a long time and I am always up for a good read. I also think that it is a good idea to take a break from all of the book reviews. Overall I am most excited about looking more deeply into a book than I usually do. I am really enthusiastic about this project and I think that it will be really fun.

Click on the picture to be directed to the link.

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