Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Vlog! Pitch Perfect Movie Review! -UPDATED VERSION

Hi Everyone,

I have recently made my first Vlog (Video Blog) and it is on the movie called Pitch Perfect. Whether or not you want to see if the movie is worth your while or if you are just downright bored on a rainy day, check it out! (viewing instructions and link below)

I have uploaded my review to Vimeo and for privacy reasons I have added a password to the vlog, meaning you cannot access the video if you do not have a password.  I will post the password and the link to the video below. Please do not share this password with others.

Link to the video:

Password Required: colourmeinspired

The password has no spaces or capitals.

I hope you find this review helpful and entertaining!



1 comment:

  1. Hey Alex i really like your vlog although you said some stuff that i disagree with over all i did like it. i though that the words going across the screen where a good idea but a little bit distracting. why did you not like the final performance of the Bellas?

    good job