Sunday, 3 February 2013

My book spine poetry!


I have spent the last couple of weeks deciding what to do my book spine poetry on. I have decided to do it on a book called, If I stay by Gayle Forme. In the book the main character has the choice to decide to live or die. Her parents and brother have all died and her life is in shatters. I think that my poem really explains how she feels when she is deciding whether to live or go to heaven.


  1. I really like that your poetry was based on a novel, and that you made the poem match the first book in your pile. Very cool, and original.

  2. Hi Alex, I agree with Ms. G. This was a really cool idea and interesting to see. I am just wondering, how did you find these books? Have you read them before, did someone recommend them to your or something different? It's awesome that you found books that work together to make a poem. Did you already know the poem you were going to use or did you make it up after you found books?
    Your name is really cool but because it has "colour" in the title I am going to recommend that you add some more colour to your background because when you scroll down it is just white.