Thursday, 7 February 2013

A book review on a book review! #2

This book review is on a book review that an awesome girl named Danika wrote! Enjoy!

While scrolling through many of the book reviews on the blog, I came across Danika’s. I had previously read the book and I decided to read her first-class review. While reading Danika’s review I was really able to connect with what she was saying about the book. I really enjoyed how she explained the main character in depth, yet she didn’t give away too much. For example she said, In the middle of all the secrets and conflict is Tris Prior, a sixteen-year-old girl with courage, and maybe too much strong-will.” Which I think was a spot on description of the firey and spontaneous main character.  I also loved how she used a quote from the book at the start of her review, but I think it would have been awesome if she could have explained more about the quote instead of just jumping into the review, but I still loved how she added a piece from the book to help describe it. One of the only things I would tweak in Danika’s book review was how she described lots of things like characters, and plot but I think she could have added a little bit more about the theme and setting to help the reader understand more about the book. Like, when she said that the book was placed in a, “future society” I think she could have said something about how the society that the book is based in is somewhat deserted and she could have said something about how Insurgent is the second book in the series and not the first.  Other than that her review was absolutely fabulous!

         When Danika talks about the books plot I think she covers almost everything except for the romance between Tobias and Tris (the two main characters). I think that this was a very important aspect in the book because most of Tris’s decisions were based on her boyfriend and a lot of what happens and a lot of information that is presented throughout the book is dependent on their romance. On a lighter note, I think that Danika used really descriptive, juicy, and unique words to get the reader hooked on both the book and the review. For example she says, “Fuelled by the fury from the barbaric elimination of the Abnegation, the remaining factions plot against the leaders of the disastrous war.” To me this really shows that Danika has put extreme effort into her work and that she has put the resources that are available to her to excellent use use. I also think that she demonstrates good writing skills throughout her entire review. I also love how she used her personal experiences to help the reader decided whether or not to put their personal time into reading Insurgent. For example she said, “This book was so packed with action and suspense that I couldn't put it down, even when I wanted to!” This is one of the big reason’s that I decided to do a review on her review. Great Job Danika!

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  1. Hey alex, I really like the background you have on your blog, It's faded so it isn't to distracting but you can still make out what it is. I really like the quote you added to the top of your blog, it makes it feel welcoming. Also i think that all of the questions you asked through out your blog just enhanced it even more. Although I very much liked your book review I got thinking to myself, isn't the first paragraph supposed to be your review on someones review and the second your own review? Correct me if i wrong. Overall i think that you have a very strong blog and should keep on going with it.