Thursday, 7 February 2013

A book review on a book review! #1

Hi! I promised some more reviews didn't I? This review is on my Classmates review. Her name is Osereme and she rocks! Enjoy!

As I was looking through many of my classmates blogs I came across Osereme’s wonderful book review of Artichokes Heart by Suzanne Supplee. After carefully reading through her review I decided to do my review on hers.  Osereme expressed many thoughts about characters, setting, figurative language, and even appropriate readers. She provided specific evidence and even personal experiences and feelings that she had while enjoying this hearty read. I think Osereme’s review could have been even more awesome (if that’s possible) if she added a little more detail when she talks about the book’s characters and settings. A great thing Osereme did that really stood out to me was provide great evaluations about the book in it’s whole. When she was describing the entire book Osereme said, “Analyzed everyday by nosy customers and her fellow classmates, she decides to go through with her New Year resolution, to lose the weight.” I really think that this is what the author based the book on. The actions of the main character was usually based on her weight and her body image. I am happy that Osereme decided to add what I thought was a really essential aspect of the book. She really captured unbelievable meaning within that single sentence.  When Osereme talks about a quote that she found, she stated that it was a simile but it would have been great if she would have went deeper into the sentence and found more meaning. For example, instead of just saying that the author compares hope to a life vest, she could have said something about why the main character needs hope. Osereme takes the book review to a new level by adding information about the appropriate age for readers. While talking about this she mentions that the book would appeal mainly to women, which I think is great, but it could alienate male readers. Overall Osereme’s ideas were well thought out and spectacular.

Although Osereme’s book review covered most of the book I think that Osereme may have left out some crucial information in fear that she might create a spoiler. In my mind Osereme could have mentioned some things like how Rosemary (the main character in the book) decides to run outside and on the treadmill in effort to improve her weight, instead of just drinking Pounds Away (a weight losing “shake”). I also think she could have mentioned something about an aunt that doesn’t support her or her feelings. During her review Osereme provided lots of specific evidence to help the reader understand more. One thing that I really enjoyed was when Osereme mentioned, “The author captures the life, emotions, and imperfections of a girl living overweight, trying to please everyone. It is evident that every word is deliberate and impacts the story in a big way.” That really made me trust her review because after she said that I felt that she had a lot of knowledge about the book and about how the author writes. She also presented all of her information clearly and she put lots of different and interesting elements of the book into her review. Overall Osereme provided a fantastic review while still not giving away too much. Kudos to Osereme and I know her book review will inspire others to read Artichokes Heart. 

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