Saturday, 3 November 2012

Free Reading Challenge- Letter to Beatrice Prior

Letter to Beatrice Prior-

Dear Beatrice,

Or should I call you Tris? Let me start again.

Dear Tris,
 Right now you are probably fighting with the Factionless or trying to stop the Erudite. Well, wherever you are or whatever youre doing I know you are making an un-shelfish decisioneven if it means you may die. When we last spoke, Peter had helped you escape from the Erudite compound. What a shocker there, because when you were training with the Dauntless he tried to throw you into a chasm to your death. Tris you have suffered through many things but have overcome them all. You were and still are powerful.

Your seemingly perfect society is falling apart but yet I am helpless. At the point when you shot Will I gasped but I understood the reasons. One day you are jumping off a seven-story building and the next you are getting the simulation data to try to stop the brewing war. You sacrificed yourself to save the other Divergents. You are amazing Tris. Your life is the only thing you really have. If you lose it you lose everything. Why do you sacrifice yourself so much? Why do you think since your parents sacrificed their life you need to sacrifice your own? They did that to protect you. They gave you another chance to do great things and to succeed. You can stop the war and put the puzzle pieces together. You ARE Divergent. You ARE Tris and I know Tris can do this.

Sincerely Alexandra Verhun,
Supporter of the Divergent.


  1. I like your detail in this letter, Alex. It shows me you connected and were inspired by this literature! Yay!

  2. This is so cool Alex! I like the way you analyzed Tris as a character within the letter. I read Divergent too and loved it! Have you read Insurgent yet? It is awesome too. This was really interesting to read, so thanks! :D